Bob Kerns is a retired computer language, AI, and full-stack web developer who after a half century is returning to his roots and hacking some hardware, as well as doing some minor scicomm:

  • Power grid and renewable energy
  • Epidemiology and modelling
  • Political and historical data presentation

At MIT in the 1970s, Bob was a member of the Macsyma project, a maintainer of MacLisp and developer of VAX/NIL. He created TEACH;LISP, an online tutoring/learning environment for the Lisp language.

Bob is also a musician who used to hack MIDI in Apple Common Lisp on his Mac II, controlling his Yamaha DX-7, and in the early 1970s was designing a digital synthesizer, a little too far ahead of the curve.

Clearly, Bob is a generalist with too many projects on his plate!

Allocated PIDs

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