1209 / BAB6 - Escornabot Makech

LicenseCERN OHL 1.2 (hardware design)

Escornabot Makech is an open source code / hardware project whose objective is to bring robotics and programming closer to boys and girls.

The basic Escornabot can be programmed with the buttons to execute sequences of movements. From here, imagination is the only limit on possibilities.

Makech Robot design based on the Ogaki Escornabot, created with the 32-bit SAMD21 Cortex M0 microcontroller completely made in KiCAD, specially created to teach programming with Arduino, MakeCode and CircuitPython.

By having all integrated circuits, eliminate the need for wiring, minimize the errors of the electronics, have an effect on the time spent programming and knowledge of new programming languages.

With love for everyone from Aguascalientes - Mexico.

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