VX4.NET / ck@vx4.net


VX4.NET is the organisation I, @ckahlo / Christian Kahlo, am running since around 2004 and most people recognize me behind ck@VX4.
Additionally I’m a Chief Security Architect at adesso SE, a pan-european IT and software engineering company originating in Germany.
Mostly hardware parts come from specialized manufacturers and vendors, in rare cases we start hardware development on our own.
Particularly my focus is on (implementation of) cryptography and secure hardware and software development as well security architecture and secure software development lifecycles. With this focus I’m also working as a contractor for the German Federal Office for Information Security, i.e. for FIDELIO.
Recent activities together wih German Aerospace Center DLR moved my focus a bit more towards secure embedded sensor networks and secure communication in space. The implemented software in most projects is mainly based on C/C++, JavaCard, Golang or Java.

Allocated PIDs

1209 E007 VX4.NET / ck@vx4.net Exp.007 SECCID