i  : have an idea
i! : share with the world
!i : allow everyone to modify
ii : and be part of it
ii is about people
all of us to participlating
with technological inclusion

ii should be accessible to anyone as standalone usb gadgets that can by programmed to customize the target hardware and OS that the gadget deploys.

An obvious target is an Android phone that can reimage other phones (and do everything else ii can do).

However the initial target will be a raspberry/banana pi image that can be used to setup computers and other pi’s from scratch via:

  • ethernet (pxe)
  • wifi (netboot on Apple products).
  • usb gadget (emulating a usb keyboard to select boot to disk in bios, with an emulated customized disk)
  • usb creation (creating a custom usb disks or sdcards, to replicate more pii images)

We’ll jump from there to other platforms, and I’d like for the base to be github.com/ii

Initial iipi Demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JvPI2zODuY

iiphone will hopefully be sometime this year

Allocated PIDs

1209 CAFE ii iigadget