1209 / BADA - MXKeyboard

Ownerbad_alloc Heavy Industries
LicenseBSD-3-Clause + CERN-OHL-S v2

After getting fed up with the state of mechanical keyboards a few years ago, MXKeyboard became DX-MON’s brainchild.

How about a mechanical backlit keyboard which has has no LED flicker by not using LED matrix scanning, and with full n-Key rollover and the usual gaming goodies. Additionally, how about a keyboard that is on-surface reprogrammable, with profiles for saved configurations of settings, full control of debounce, key-down time, key-up time, and software switch actuation type (momentary, latching), and which can be connected via one or both of USB and PS/2 with OTG mobile functionality?

Well, now you have MXKeyboard. A free, open-source hardware and software typing platform, suitable for the photo-sensitive, motor-imparied, gaming, and touch typing. Type how you like without having to screw about with your PC’s settings, and take your preferences anywhere.