1209 / BABA - Famicom Cartridge Dumper/Writer

OwnerAlexey 'Cluster' Avdyukhin

This is a simple dumper/writer for Famicom cartridges and Famicom Disc System cards. This version is much faster compared to the old one. It’s using a very accurate M2 cycle simulation and FSMC (Flexible Static Memory Controller) to access PRG and CHR memory. FSMC is precisely synchronized with the M2 clock signal using a CPLD chip. The new version is also using a fast on-chip USB controller instead of a slow FT232 USB-UART converter.


You can use it to:

  • Dump cartridges, so you can play copy of your cartridge on emulator.
  • Read/write battery backed saves, so that you can continue your saved game on emulator/console.
  • Write special cartridges like COOLGIRL.
  • Rewrite ultracheap chinese COOLBOY cartridges. Soldering is required to work with old versions but it’s very simple. New versions can be rewritten without soldering.
  • Test your cartridges.
  • Read and frite Famicom Disk System cards using FDS drive with the RAM adapter.
  • Some reverse engineering.
  • Anything else that requires Famicom bus simulation.