1209 / 2004 - GCBASIC Serial CDC Stack

LicenseGPLv2, Public Domain

Our Open Source software is called the Great Cow BASIC suite. The Great Cow BASIC suite is robust and fully functional compiler and assembler. Using Great Cow BASIC is the fastest method to program a Microchip PIC or Atmel AVR 8-bit microcontroller for those just starting and the professional user.

Great Cow BASIC (or GCBASIC) is an Open Source BASIC compiler for PIC and AVR microcontrollers. The project was founded in late 2005, and it has since attracted attention from several other developers. It has been used in the University’s high school outreach programs, and has been used by quite a few other people. One challenge has been guaranteeing that the compiler will produce correct assembly and machine code for a given program. An automated test system will be created to verify that the compiler has compiled programs correctly.

This PID supports support for project developemenyt using the OakTree USB library, see https://github.com/yamamaya/HIDSimpleFramework

Great Cow BASIC has three main aims - to remove the need for repetitive assembly commands, to produce efficient code, and to make it easy to take code written for one microcontroller type and run it on another microcontroller type. The design intent is to remove the complexity of using and programming a microcontroller. Great Cow BASIC is suitable for beginners, for those who do not like or wish to learn assembly language and for experienced microcontroller programmmers. Great Cow BASIC is available for Windows, Apple Operating Systems and Linux.

We have two versions of Great Cow BASIC. Both versions use the same common core toolchain the difference is the user experience.

Great Cow BASIC IDE Great Cow Graphical BASIC